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Pasha Bhai

Dakhni Rapper

Mohammed Affan Pasha, known as Pasha Bhai, is both rapper and a skilled linguist proficient in Dakhni, Hindi, Urdu, and English. Hailing from Neelasandra, Bangalore, this 25-year-old artist co-founded Wanandaf, a growing hip-hop community, and leads Clan Bokka Phod, his own musical rebellion. His 2020 debut, "Eid ka Chand," broke through mainstream barriers for Dakhni rap, earning critical acclaim and sparking cultural discussions.

Apart from his musical endeavours, Pasha Bhai contributed to India's first protest rap album, "Yeh Hai Baghawat," and performed alongside hip-hop icons like Raftaar, Divine, and MC Stan. In 2022, his debut album, "Bangalore Ka Potta," reflected street life. Currently, he releases singles and is preparing for his next album, "Ek," with a commitment to pushing boundaries in Indian hip-hop. Pasha Bhai is recognised as a cultural pioneer, bridging languages, amplifying voices, and embodying a rhythmic revolution in the heart of the Deccan.

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